Bring Back Greek Coffee From Cyprus

Where to buy: Supermarkets or shops

Average price: 5€;


There is a strong coffee culture in Cyprus with traditionally-made coffee often served in the morning. Cypriot coffee is made by mixing freshly roasted and ground beans with cold water and sugar in a briki, or coffee pot. The mixture is then bought to the boil, which produces a creamy foam on top and is served short and black with a side glass of cold water. In cafés, restaurants or one of the many coffee shops (kafenio) in Cyprus it is best to specify how sweet the coffee should be when ordering as it is served unfiltered and adding and stirring in sugar disturbs the sediment at the bottom of the cup. There are three main ways to drink coffee in Cyprus: Sketo – plain with no sugar, strong and bitter Metrio – usually with one sugar added, medium strong Glyko – usually with two sugars added, sweet

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