Bring Back Carambar From France

Where to buy: Supermarket

Average price: Less than 5;


Carambar is a chewy caramel candy from France. Carambar is famous for the poor quality of these jokes, and the expression blague Carambar (French: Carambar joke) refers to a bad or childish joke. The Titeuf Carambars are blue on the outside and yellow inside or vice versa.

Caramel Carambar is a delicious French caramel candy that has delighted generations of kids!

Carambar French Caramel Candy may as well be French for Caramels! One of our Top 10 French products, Carambar is sweet, rich, and chewy with just enough cocoa – you’ll be tempted to eat them all at once but you might want to save a little for later! There’s a legend behind this tasty treat stemming from 1954; the director of the company (Delespaul-Havez), Mr. Fauchille and an employee, Mr. Galois decided to use some surplus left over cocoa to create a new, original recipe for the company.

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