Bring Back Greek Olives From Greece

Where to buy: Shops and Markets in Greece

Link: Greek Olives >>

Average price: 1-4 € (Seasonal);


Olives from Greece are like no other! Specialist olive producers, the Greeks make many different types of olives available. From different olive tree cultivars to different harvest times and treating processes; you are almost sure to find an olive that you or a loved one will enjoy intensely! Green or black, pitted or unpitted, there is one for you! The olives in Greece are named after the region in which they are grown, the most well known being Kalamata olives from the areas surrounding the city of Kalamata in the South of Greece. It could be fun to bring back a few jars of olives to showcase the variety of olives that Greece has to offer and to see how the regions and flavours match up.

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